Signs your church is a cult


Below is the complete index to my series, twenty signs your church is a cult. As new entries are written, hyperlinks will be added.

1. Autocratic Leadership

2. Systematic Isolation

3. Unbiblical and extra-biblical revelations

4. Mystical Manipulation

5. Creation of cultic false identity

6. Psychological games (gas lighting and ambient abuse)

7. Leadership makes it hard to leave

8. Love bombing

9. Apocalyptic focus

10. Superstitious beliefs

11. Time control

12. Extreme legalism

13. Thought terminating clichés and twisted scriptures

14. Milieu Control

15. Everything is black and white

16.  Appeals to persecution

17. Doctrine over person

18. Guilt trips and blackmail

19. Unhealthy loyalty

20. Exploitation


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