Mystical Manipulation

Mystical Manipulation
Part 4 of 20-Signs your church is actually a cult

In many cults reliance upon subjective experiences, and the strong emotions they illicit, are valued over rational inquiry. The modus operandi of the cult leader is to maintain the charade, even if the cult leader believes it to be true. The objective is that they want you to believe it as well.


A false prophet is like the man behind the curtain.

The prophecies and other numinous occurrences that take place appear to be controlled by God, but they are really orchestrated by leadership in order to demonstrate their own divine authority.

Their seemingly exceptional insights and abilities allow them to reinterpret historical events, scripture and other experiences in almost any way that they desire. Coincidences and happenstance are interpreted as omens of why you should keep in line.

Correlation does not equal causation.

Correlation does not equal causation.

For example, a series of good events could be interpreted as a sign that you are blessed, or it could be that the devil is giving you material things to deceive you into thinking you are on the right path.

Similarly, a series of unfortunate events may be interpreted in a few ways by the cult to gain a desired effect. If you are pleasing leadership, they might be interpreted as attacks from the devil because you are doing good. Likewise, leadership might want you to think that the bad things happening to you or someone else are curses or punishments from God.

Cult leaders and other false prophets often resort to these kind of fear tactics in an attempt to control both friend and foe. Many ex-cult members report terrifying prophesies and curses from their former pastors when they tried to leave the group, but seldom are we able to hear them outside of the group.

In the video below charlatan TV evangelist Benny Hinn, places curses on those who oppose him.

Such fears of being cursed are often hard to shake once they have been ingrained by years of cult experience. Often former cult members struggle early on with everyday problems, interpreting them as signs of God’s wrath against them for leaving the group.

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